Griffeen Community College 6th Year

Griffeen Community College and have arranged this page where you can order your 6th Year schoolbooks for delivery at specially discounted prices.

Please select and purchase your student’s options below based on their level (HL/OL).

English, Irish and Maths will be available to purchase here in September once the Class teacher has decided on the appropriate level for the student.

Leaving Certificate

Hands-On Paper 1 - Leaving Certificate English Higher Level

Hands-On Paper 1 – The Essential Comprehending and Composing Toolkit provides students with the tools they need to get to grips with Leaving Certificate English Higher Level Paper 1. Hands-On Paper 1 is the only dedicated Paper 1 book to take a thematic approach, and offer three texts together at a time, as they appear on the examination. This book contains everything a student will require to be fully prepared for their Paper 1 examination. • Practical examination advice • Answering strategies • Six full sample examination papers • A range of comprehension text types – feature article, memoir, speech, novel, interview, opinion piece, visual text, preface, letter, news article • Commentary on the different genres • Comprehending questions modelled on recent examinations • Annotated sample answers for all Comprehending question types • A dedicated Composing section, with information on the different essay types • Annotated sample answers for recent Composing examination questions • Grammar advice integrated throughout • A full spelling and grammar section at the end As students work through this book, they will become equipped with the skills and knowledge to be successful in Paper 1.

Leaving Certificate Biology


Bio is a Leaving Certificate Biology textbook suitable for Higher Level and Ordinary Level students.


  • Learning objectives clearly outlined so students are aware what they must know from each chapter for the Leaving Certificate exam
  • Exam-standard definitions included; other important terms also explained
  • Simple language used throughout
  • Practical activities clearly explained
  • Mind map to aid revision at the end of each chapter
  • End-of-chapter questions and past exam questions to prepare students for the exam

Leaving Certificate Business

Ahead For Business (plus Activity Exam & ABQ book)

Features of the Ahead For Business textbook
  • Free ebook version
  • Exam-standard definitions and information drawn from marking schemes
  • Recent and relevant examples in such areas as legislation, entrepreneurship, business news, and government policy
  • Syllabus links included at the beginning of every chapter for ease of planning
  • Chapters divided into sub-topics to assist with constructing lessons. Each sub-topic begins with a brief list of learning intentions and key terms
  • Think Tank questions and self-assessment statements assess knowledge and understanding as you move through the material
  • Evaluation boxes for relevant topics help with preparing for this regular exam question
  • Clear inclusion of literacy and numeracy with Jargon Buster and Number Cruncher features
  • Did You Know? facts, recent data and Ahead of the Times news clippings throughout bring the course to life
  • Explore feature integrated throughout every chapter offers a wide range of active learning opportunities including activitiesvideos and revision ideas
  • Many opportunities for pair and group work with integrated Heads Together tasks
  • Regularly signposted Ahead for Exams book links point to exam questions, activities and past and sample ABQs in the Ahead for Exams activity book. Exam questions are organised by topic and a dedicated ABQ section has full ABQs organised into examinable units from 1, 2 and 3 to 5, 6 and 7 and detailed advice on tackling this mandatory question.
  • Chapters end with a revision of key definitions and past Higher and Ordinary level exam questions with year and question number provided for ease of reference

Leaving Certificate Construction Studies

Get Constructive

GET CONSTRUCTIVE: A Modern Approach to Construction Studies is the most up-to-date textbook on the subject available to Leaving Cert students. It approaches construction from the ground up, in the same way as buildings are actually built. GET CONSTRUCTIVE begins with planning and works through all aspects of building, its materials and techniques. It is tailored to Irish practice, but also looks ahead to developments in building styles we may see in the future.


  • All elements are up to date with current building regulations
  • Detailed technical drawings with dimensional requirements accompany the text
  • 3D CAD models illustrate key building elements
  • Complete technical drawings section for ease of reference
  • Full colour images and illustrations of the building process
  • Sample sketches which students can follow in their own work
  • Step-by-step U-value calculations
  • Explores modern passive design techniques and environmental standards
  • Suggested experiments for student projects
  • Learning objectives and keywords highlight what students need to know
  • Practice questions and examination questions test students' knowledge further

Leaving Certificate English

Excellence in English Language (HL) Paper 1

Excellence in English Language is a comprehensive package (textbook, eBook and digital resources) that helps students towards success in the Leaving Certificate Higher Level English Paper 1.
  • It uses a unique READ - ANALYSE - MAKE method to develop the essential skills required for both comprehending and composing texts.
  • It features stimulating texts and images across a broad range of genres and offers invaluable techniques for perfecting reading skills.
  • It analyses comprehension texts from past papers and provides key guidelines in handling both Question A and Question B.
  • It refines the student's writing talents over a range of vital tasks, including the composition of short storiesspeechesnewspaper articlesblogsdiaries and much more.
  • It reflects the integrated approach to language seen on recent exam papers.
  • It advises on the most successful approach to answering exam questions.

Leaving Certificate English Play

Othello (Shakespeare Series)

This beautifully illustrated edition of Othello is designed with today's student in mind. This edition includes the complete text, comprehensive notes on every aspect of the play, guidance on exam questions and a wide range of sample essays.

Leaving Certificate English Poetry

Verse 2023 - Leaving Cert English Higher Level Poetry + FREE Portfolio

  • Complimentray ebook version
  • A full, annotated sample essay and sample essay questions for new prescribed poet 23 Paula Meehan.
  • All past questions for each poet are included.
  • Latest and final versions of prescribed poet Derek Mahon’s poems, as they appear in The Poems (2021).
  • Contains all eight poets prescribed for examination in 2023.
  • Features a clear, colourful A4 layout. A key image accompanies each poem.
  • Timeline for each poet offers relevant biographical detail to give context to their work.
  • Pre-reading and comprehending and responding questions for all poems.
  • Exploring sections after each poem offer immediate, clear analysis in a concise format. Relevant quotations and biographical details are integrated in the commentary, providing a model for essay answers.
  • Creating questions contains innovative writing assignments prompted by the poem, which allow practise for Paper 1 through the study of poetry with common formats such as letters and blog posts.
  • End-of-chapter theme sections contain handy reference tables showing the main themes within each poem. Major themes are explored in-depth, bringing together an overall analysis of the poet.
  • End-of-chapter language and imagery sections offer notes on key literary techniques used by the poet with relevant examples for each.
  • Sample essay plans and paragraphs for each poet develop skills in building structured answers that respond accurately to the question asked.
  • Unseen Poetry section offers friendly guidance on approaching the unseen question with a variety of fresh poems and songs.
  • Glossary of poetic terms gives clear explanations to refer back to when needed.
  • Exam Advice sections provide useful information on preparing for and answering on prescribed and unseen poetry

Verse 2023 - Leaving Cert English Ordinary Level Poetry

This innovative write-in poetry anthology for Ordinary Level contains a full exam-style question for every poem, comprehensively preparing students to answer their poetry section with confidence.
  • Complimentary ebook edition included
  • Contains all of the poetry prescribed for the 2023 Ordinary Level examination.
  • Features a clear, A4 layout, with bright, colourful imagery.
  • Write-in book, leaving students with an invaluable revision guide at exam time.
  • Glossary of poetic terms gives clear explanations to refer back to when needed.
  • A short biography for each poet details key events from their life.
  • Pre-reading questions promote discussion and aid understanding.
  • Each poem is accompanied by a key image and a glossary.
  • Understanding sections provide brief summaries and stanza-by-stanza or line-by-line guides.
  • Exploring sections analyse language and imagery, tone and theme.
  • Responding sections for each poem feature a write-in poetic techniques table, comprehension questions and a full exam-style question.
  • Exam advice sections provide useful information on preparing for and answering on prescribed and unseen poetry, including sample answers and analysis.
  • Unseen poetry section offers a variety of fresh poems to practise answering this question.

Leaving Certificate Geography

Earth - 2nd edition core textbook + Human Elective 5 (2nd edition) Bundle

Features of the Earth Second Edition core textbook  Earth Second Edition maintains the much-loved features of the original Earth textbook. Brand new elements and timely updates have been added to provide an even better classroom experience for students and teachers alike. Upgrade to the Second Edition for…
  • Complimentary ebook edition included
  • Exam Analysis at the beginning of chapters, helping students to immediately focus in on key content and possible questions.
  • Brand new dedicated Geographical Investigation chapter preparing students to carry out and complete their report, worth 20% of their final mark.
  • Easier planning, teaching and assessing as each chapter is further broken down into lessons with Learning Intentions and Test Yourself assessment questions.
  • Fresh case studies and up-to-date real world information in areas such as Covid-19 and Brexit.
  • Simplified language and content for well-paced, comprehensive coverage of the course. Earth Second Edition has exam language for all learners.
  • Brand new Examiner’s Comments on each sample answer, showing students where and how to gain marks.
  • Most recent exam questions reflecting the latest trends.
Features of the Earth Elective 5: Patterns and Processes in the Human Environment Second Edition book
  • Complimentary ebook edition included
  • Thoroughy revised Second Edition
  • Follows the style of the textbook with clear language and a strong exam focus
  • Contains up-to-date case studies and recent facts and data
  • Features a wealth of sample answers that students can use to model their own responses to exam questions

Leaving Certificate History

The Making of Ireland (2nd Edition) & The Making of Europe and the Wider World Bundle

The Making of Ireland (2nd Edition)is written in a clear factual style with up-to-date historical commentary. This beautifully illustrated textbook features a wide variety of relevant historical imagery and presents key statistics in clear, useful graphs and charts.

The Making of Europe and the Wider World is written in a clear factual style with up-to-date historical commentary. This beautifully illustrated textbook features a wide variety of historical imagery and presents key statistics in clear, useful, graphs and charts.

Leaving Certificate Irish

Tumadh Teanga

Úsáideann Tumadh Teanga an cur chuige téamúil a mholtar i bhfoghlaim teanga.

Cabhraíonn an cur chuige údarach seo le comhcheangal na gceithre scileanna, foghlaim phraiticiúil agus ullmhúchán do na scrúduithe.

Ar na gnéithe atá le fáil i dTumadh Teanga tá:

  • Cuspóirí foghlama soiléire ag tús gach aonaid
  • Cleachtaí labhartha comhcheangailte a spreagann comhrá sa rang
  • Fócas ar an bhfoghraíocht agus míniú ar na hathruithe fuaime a thagann ar chonsain agus ar ghutaí áirithe
  • Tascanna taighde inar féidir leis na daltaí obair i ngrúpaí nó as a stuaim féin
  • Cleachtaí éisteachta ina n-úsáidtear sleachta as TG4 agus RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta
  • Léamhthuiscintí nuálacha, nuascríofa atá bunaithe ar leagan amach an scrúdaithe
  • Nótaí soiléire, cuimsitheacha don Phrós agus don Fhilíocht
  • Aistí, ailt, díospóireachtaí agus scéalta samplacha a chabhraíonn le daltaí dul i gcleachtadh ar struchtúir agus ar nathanna áisiúla
  • Aonaid breise a thabharann treoirlínte do na scrúduithe don chúrsa Litríochta, don chúrsa ceapadóireachta, don scrúdú béil agus don chluastuiscint
  • 2 dhlúthdhiosca lán d’ábhar éisteachta, labhartha agus fi líochta.

Tóraíocht Teanga

Tóraíocht Teanga Ardteisteireacht Gnathleibheal Leaving Cert Ordinary Level. Is e Tóraíocht Teanga an chead teacsleabhar a usaideann an cur chuige teamuil a mholtar i bhfoghlaim teanga. Cabhraionn an cur chuige seo le comhcheangal na gceithre scileanna,foghlaim phraiticiuil agus ullmhuchan do na scrudaithe. Ar na gneithe ata le fail i dTóraíocht Teanga ta : Cuspoiri soileire foghlama ag tus gach aonad. Abhar Nualach,suimiuil ata dirithe ar an dalta. Abhar labhartha comhcheangailte a spreagann comhra sa rang. Cleachtai eisteachta sna hAonaid uile a ullmhaionn na daltai don Scrudu Beil. Leamhthuiscinti nualacha,nuascriofa ata bunaithe ar leagan amach an scrudaithe. Notai Soileire, cuimsitheacha don Phros agus don Fhiliocht. Stiallghreannan le gach sceal ar an gcursa. Paipear samplach scrudaithe ag deireadh gach aonad. Dluthdhiosca lan dàbhar eisteachta,labhartha agus filiochta. Tri aonad sa bhreis ina bhfaightear cleachtadh scrudaithe don chursa Ceapadoireachta, Cluastuisceana agus Leamhthuisceana agus don Bhealtriail.

Leaving Certificate Maths

Power of Maths (Higher Level) Bundle

Power of Maths is the first new Leaving Certificate Higher Level series since the full implementation and examination of the new Maths syllabus.

The Power of Maths Higher Level package includes two textbooks (with free ebooks), two Activity Books, step-by-step instructional videos and fully worked-out solutions.

Power of Maths introduces content in a staged and graded manner and ensures that the principles of Maths are firmly established before students are guided through more complex material.

Students who use the Power of Maths series will be fully prepared for the demands of the most recent Leaving Certificate exam papers.

Power of Maths (Ordinary Level) Bundle

Power of Maths is the first new Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level series since the full implementation and examination of the new Maths syllabus.

The Power of Maths Ordinary Level package includes two textbooks (with free ebooks), two Activity Books, step-by-step instructional videos and fully worked-out solutions.

Power of Maths introduces content in a staged and graded manner and ensures that the principles of Maths are firmly established before students are guided through more complex material.

Students who use the Power of Maths series will be fully prepared for the demands of the most recent Leaving Certificate exam papers.

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